Wipeout Smoke Smells From Your Hands

Nothing worse than getting the tar and odors from smoke onto your hands. This can be a big problem for many professionals that can’t have their hands laced with smoke smell.

We have some simple solutions to this nasty smell problem that we have gathered over the years. When washing your hands, don’t work, then you need some help with the odor removal.

Sanitize it

I always carry some hand sanitizer with me. I found the alcohol in the sanitizer to help with the smoke smell on my hands. It’s so effective because it can destroy the tar build-up that falls onto your hands when you smoke.

Also, don’t forget to wipe off your forearm, especially areas with hair. The cigarette smoke doesn’t just fall onto your hands but also your whole arm.

On a side discovery, I notice that my hand didn’t smell bad anymore after I was cleaning. I was using some spray cleaner like 409 with the lemon scent, and I guess I got some on my hands and palms, and the cigarette smoke smell went away. I don’t recommend you clean your hands with cleaners like this since it’s not made for that. Plus, this stuff dries your hands out and can be bad in the long run for you. Just a little side note that I discovered by accident.

Wrap It Up

My favorite and yet the most ingenious way to get the smoke smell off my hands is to stop if before it gets on my hands. I like to wrap my hands in a glove, one of those plastic gloves like this on. This way, the odors of the cigarette smoke stick to the plastic glove and not my hands.

When you’re done, throw the glove away and enjoy the odor-free smoke smell on your hands.

Eat An Orange

Eating an Orange can be one of the best-free-solutions for getting rid of smoke odors on your fingers. Anything citrus will work, but an orange works better.

The reason why oranges work better is that you’ll most likely need to dig into the orange to remove the skin. So you get quite the splash that can cover your fingers.

finger nails smoke smell hands arm

I’m honestly not a big fan of this one since I’ve got to tear into the orange, and sometimes the taste of the smoke gets into the orange, so I often don’t eat it — kind of a waste. But when you’re in a pinch, and you don’t have anything else around, this works great.

Trim Your Nails

The best place for smoke odors to hide on your hands is right under your nails. Even the nails themselves can absorb a small amount of nicotine in the air. This is even worse if you have certain types of nail polish since paints can absorb the odor too.

The first thing I would do is trim my nails with nail clippers. This will help remove any odors that found there way under the fingernails.

Check Your Pockets

If you walk around with your hands in your pockets, then you might be spreading the odor. If you do get the smoke smell off your hands, you could be reapplying it once you put it back into your pockets. Many people smoke with their hands in their pockets, and the inside of the pockets get laced with cigarette smoke smell.

The best solution is to clean the inside of the pocket with dryer sheets. Also, be careful when smoking to avoid placing your hands in your pockets.