Vinegar is One of the Best Ways to Get rid of Smoke Smell

Vinegar is turning into the be-all cleaner of the world. You can’t go anywhere on the internet and not find someone talking about cleaning with vinegar.

I dare you to try and find a website that does not say one thing about vinegar when it comes to cleaning, especially natural cleaners. The simple fact is that vinegar works, and it works well for smoke odors too.

Cigarettes leave a tar that can’t stand up to the acid that’s in vinegar. The acid can eat through the toughest tar that is left behind from cigars and such.

Vinegar On Clothing

You can use a cup of vinegar on clothing in the washer to attack the smoke smell that can get trap in fabrics. Just add some warm water to activate it, and you’ll have some fresh clothing come out of the wash.


Vinegar is my go-to cleaner when it comes to hard surfaces like furniture. I’ll sometimes use Simple Green if the hard surface can stand to have a degreaser on it, but when all else fails, I’ll use vinegar.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a wooden coffee table as I’m using vinegar on it to attack the smoke smell that can linger. I even cleaned keyboards with vinegar before to get rid of the smoke smell. There is no limit to vinegar when it comes to hard surfaces and removing the odors.

Softer Products

Vinegar can even be used on softer products likeĀ stuff animals. The goal on softer things is to not to overdo it and to test it out on a smaller areas first. I like to spray the vinegar right onto a rag before I place it onto what I’m cleaning.

Having a spray bottle of vinegar comes in handy. Here’s a tip I’ve learned over the years. Don’t ever buy those spray bottles you can get at the hardware stores, those empty bottles you can buy are never as good as a re-purposed one. The best spray bottles come from once-used ones. When I get done with a bottle of Windex, I like to re-use that bottle as a new bottle of vinegar. It’s funny how these re-purposed bottles work better than the ones you can buy at the store.

The Walls

You can use vinegar to clean the walls. If you paint the walls or if they’re already painted, then vinegar will not be as effective as just using some odor blocking paint instead.

Sometimes using vinegar on the walls that are already painted is not helping you at all. You want to avoid moisture as much as possible when it comes to walls as you want to prevent mold. Spot cleaning is not a big issue with vinegar, but If the wall reeks of smoke smell, then it’s best to repaint the wall.

Lots of Possibilities of Vinegar

Quite honestly, there is a lot of uses when it comes to vinegar, and attacking smoke smells from cigarettes to smoke damage. It should be your first go-to cleaner for attacking most odors.