Shower Drain Smells Really Bad – How To Fix That

shower drain smells bad musty mold

The shower drain. The most hidden-stinkiest place in the whole world. So what do you when your shower drain smells bad?

You can have the cleanest shower in all the land, but forgetting the shower drain can make all that pointless.

Not cleaning your shower drain regularly can cause it to smell like mildew, sewer, rotten eggs, musty, or even urine.

The Stink

The smell from the shower drain starts to show its ugly head when you’re in the shower. The scent starts to kick up when you have the hot water going, and the room is getting steaming.

The odor is most common in standing showers where you don’t have a tub. A lot of Tub Showers still have this issue too.

For some odd reason, your sense of smell gets stronger when there’s more moisture in the air. That’s why rain has a particular smell. The rain makes the smells around you stronger.

How To Get Rid Of Shower Drain Odor

The first thing you’ll need to do to de-stink your shower drain is to remove the drain cover. Most Shower Drain covers are the brass or chrome. Some drain covers require you to use a screwdriver.

shower drain odor wall

Once you have the drain cover removed, you can see where the smell is coming from.

You’ll need some good cleaner to get to the mold or mildew that has grown.

I like to use Simple Green since its biodegradable. Just get a bucket full of warm water and put a little bit of simple green in the bucket.

Next, here is a little trick. Get a standard paint roller brush. Dunk the brush in the bucket of water and simple green and then shove brush down the hole in a rotating manner.

Here is a video showing you how to do it.

If your Shower drain is too small or even too big, very rare that it would be, then I do is take my screwdriver with a rag or paper towel and really get down into the hole and scrape the nasty goo out.

To clean the top, all you need is warm water and simple green with a rag. Just scrub it out.

You’ll be surprised by how much crap is in that drain and how much it stinks the room up.

Once you have clean the shower drain, then place the gate back over the drain and put the screws back into place. It’s that simple.

But the Shower Drain Wasn’t the Problem?!

So what if the shower still smells after you clean the drain?

Then it might be a mold issue.

The musty smell that mold gives off is tiny mold spores roaming through the air. With hundreds of thousands of these spores, you can easily smell something.

The problem is that the mold could be anywhere. Sometimes behind the shower wall. You could leak the knob for the shower temperature controls. This can be a big issue.

Sometimes you can remove the temperature knob for some showers to see if a leak is present. Don’t make the mistake I once made and stripped the screw that held it all on. Use something like WD-40 to loosen up the screw first.

At this point, you might need to get an expert. Call your nearest plumber to see what inputs they can give.

You can buy Mold Test Kits to see if you have a mold problem around the walls of the shower.