Rid Smoke Smell From House

My best friend Sean came up to me with a worried voice to tell me he just got a house and loves the location and the schools, but it had one major flaw. The house smells like an ashtray.

This beautiful yellow house on the corner was just right for him and his wife Kate, but this one major flaw had them second-guessing their dream house. Sean wanted to know how to rid the smoke smell from his home in the fastest and easiest method possible.

The good news for Sean and Kate is that the smoke smell is not forever. There exist many methods that can make your dream house smell like how you pictured it would.

In all the years I’ve spent cleaning houses, apartments, and cars, I’ve found the best ways to remove the nasty smells that many new homeowners run into. Here are my tips for getting rid of smoke smells from your house.

Replace All Filters

You can’t fix the problem if your filters keep on holding the awful smoke smell in them. Go around the house and replace all filters in the home with new ones.

You’ll be surprised how much odor is locked within these filters. The fact is that your vents are the main culprit for holding all smells and might be wise to spray or use an ozone generator on the intake of the vents to eliminate all odors in the vents.

Takedown all Linens

The curtains and other fabric hanging on the walls are notorious for holding onto smoke smells you want to get rid of.

It would be wise to replace the fabrics, but if you must keep them, then take them off-site to get cleaned. Cleaning them in the house that smells of smoke will not help to fix the problem.

Shampoo the Carpet

Just like the linens, the carpet can hold the smoke odor too and must be deeply cleaned. You can rent a “Rug Doctor” or any shampooing vacuum from your local hardware store.

Take your time when shampooing the carpet; if you miss a spot, you’ll later find it out once you moved all furniture back into the house. If your budget allows it to go ahead and either replace the carpets or put down hardwood floors. Hardwood floors have been known to give a home a better resell value, so it might be best to do hardwood floors.

Spray down all the Furniture

You can pick up some excellent multipurpose spray (more info) that can be used on just about anything. You can never put too much of sprays like Odoban on fabrics, and it also cleans any surface too. If you have a Steam Cleaner, then it would be best even to steam clean the furniture, especially any hard surfaces you have.

Ozone Generator

Clear out the house of people and animals and place a good Ozone Generator to work. Make sure you follow the directions of the ozone generator. Have the Air on in the house so that the Ozone can reach places deep inside your vents.

Ozone Generator is got to be the most effective way you’ll get your house rid of smoke odors. The Ozone Generators usually need several hours if not days to clean, but it will be sure to get the whole house smelling fresh and smoke odor-free.


Many will say you don’t need to repaint, but in all my experience, it’s best to go ahead and repaint the walls with a Smoke Odor Blocker Paint. No matter how hard you clean the walls, the smoke smell will still linger in them, and the only right way to get rid of the smoke smell is to repaint.

It’s understandable to repaint since the walls take the biggest hit due to their size. This is not so bad for my friend as he didn’t like the color of the walls in the house anyways. Make sure you pick up paint primer that is purposed in removing smoke odor.


With these simple steps, you can get your house smelling like new again. Don’t let smoke odors stop you from buying your dream house like it almost did for Sean and Kate. Smoke odors are only a small problem that can be solved with the right help.