Ozone Generator For Smoke Smells

Ozone Generator

An Ozone Generator works well to get rid of smoke smells since it works at a micro-scale. An Ozone Generator emits O3, which is just oxygen with an extra molecule. O3 is very reactive, and when it hits the smell, it oxidizes, which eliminates the odor.

An Ozone Generator can get into places that we can’t reach like the vents and deep into the fabric of the furniture. It usually requires a good bit of run time for the Ozone Generator to get into and get rid of the smells such as cigarette smoke. An Ozone Generator can also remove odors from cats, dogs, people, furniture, walls, and much more.

Ozone can be harmful to breathe in, so it’s advised you follow the directions on any Ozone Generator. 

Running the Ozone Generator

The procedure for using an Ozone Generator is to have it run in an enclosed area such as your car or house and then after a few hours remove the generator and allow the enclosed area to air out. If you run the Ozone Generator in your vehicle, make sure you have the air on recirculate so that the O3 can get into the vents of the vehicles. Also, make sure you replace your car cabin air filter before you run the generator.

Running the Ozone Generator in your house would be the same as running it in your car. Make sure you also replace the filters in your home before running the generator too. Be sure to allow the house and car plenty of time to air out before entering back into them. Also, make sure any pets or animals are removed before doing an Ozone treatment.

Where can you get an Ozone Generator?

Many places like Amazon have a massive supply of Ozone Generators for all types of conditions you’ll find your self into. They even carry an Ozone Generator for Cars that plugs into the 12-volt cigarette lighter. You can also pick up House units that work on a timer or turn off when it becomes unsafe for humans and animals.

  • Always read the direction for Ozone Generators.
  • Never use the generator for more than the recommended time.
  • Never have people or animals near the Ozone Generator when it’s running.
  • Some people say Ozone Generators can do damage to materials, always read the manual for best uses.