Ozium Review

There are only a few products in the world that blow me away. Ozium air sanitizer is one of those products. I’ve used many of the types of sprays in the world that say they get rid of odors such as from smoke, but none of them can hold up to Ozium.

Finding Ozium Spray can be hard at times, as many stores don’t stock it. I buy mine online and order a bunch of it at one time so that I have plenty for when I need them.

Smoke Odor and Ozium

Ozium got its love from the smoking world. People need something to get rid of smoke smells and ….. you know the other smoke smell and many products really couldn’t attack the odor. Many would mask the smell, but Ozium attacks the airborne bacteria.

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If you think Febreze is good, then you need to check out some Ozium.

This is my go-to spray if I have a room full of smoke odors that I need to eliminate. I only used this spray for cleaning a rental house from nasty cigarette odors that they left behind. Super effective at cleaning the stale air in the room.

I also use Ozium in the kitchen if I burn popcorn or the steak incident that causes some smelly smells to be left behind. Or even in my car after a good smoke. Avoid smoking in Rental Cars, and using this, the rental guys can tell what Ozium smells like from my first-hand experience. The smell does remind me of the new car smell, but that’s just me. Some say it smells like that pine cleaner you get for your floors, like a lemon scent for the original scent they sell.

The very first time I used Ozium was on my trash can in the kitchen. At first spray, it didn’t seem like it was working, but after a few seconds, it came on strong. I couldn’t smell the leftovers that were sitting in my trash, but I could smell the spray. I literally put my head in the garbage to see if I could smell anything, I don’t recommend you do that as the stuff is strong.

How To Use

Ozium comes in many forms, but the Spray Can is the most effective if you ask me. The trick is to spray only once and very quickly in the middle of the room in a kind of up direction.

The reason why you don’t want to spray too much is that this stuff is strong. It won’t seem at first like it’s working, but after a few seconds, you can start to smell it as it takes effect.

Be Careful

Just like with any other sprays, you got to be careful to follow the directions on the product before using it. That’s how strong and powerful this stuff is at getting rid of smoke odors.

what ozium does

They recommend keeping out of reach of children and pets. I can see why, as it’s very strong and using too much at one time is bad.
They recommend to not spray near any walls, drapes, plastic, vinyl, painted or varnished surfaces, etc. So basically, they’re saying to only spray in the center of the room and away from anything.

Ozium is so strong that it can remove the smell from your air fresheners.


whats in ozium

The ingredients that are labeled on the front of the bottle are…

  • Triethylene Glycol
  • Propylene Glycol
  • And what they call “inert Ingredients”