How To Remove Smoke Smell from Couch

We all love cuddling up in front of the fireplace, especially during winter! It could be all fun and relaxation, but massive aftermath awaits you. All the smoke from the fireplace will end up on stuff in your home and couch in particular.

Anybody who sits on your couch will be bombarded with that nasty smoke smell. This situation becomes worse if someone has been smoking cigarettes from inside the house. Cigarette smoke lingers on longer, and the more it sits, the worse the odor becomes.

smoke odor couch sofa pillows

Sometimes, home remedies don’t work. Sometimes they do but only for a short while. Strong smoke odors, such as cigarette smoke odors, need stronger solutions such as commercial products.

1. Give Vamoose a Try

If you’re struggling with that musty tobacco odor, Vamoose might do you some good. It efficiently penetrates and thoroughly reacts with any tobacco smell, whether nicotine or tar.

It, in turn, dissolves and converts these smells into gaseous molecules hence successfully getting rid of them. The best thing about Vamoose is that it is tough on stains but very gentle on your couch.

2. OdoBan

Just as the name suggests, OdoBan is specially formulated to combat odors within the home.

It will eliminate unpleasant smoke odors, sanitize, and deodorize surfaces, and in this case, your couch.

We are all worried about a nasty chemical smell lingering on and making your house smell like an industry. OdoBan replaces your previous smoke smell with a fresh and clean odor.

3. Ozium Air Sanitizer

Sometimes home products cover up odors in your home instead of getting rid of them. Maybe this is because they are meant for cooking and not cleaning.

Ozium air purifier is a chemical agent that does the complete opposite; it permanently eliminates odor, which is exactly a factor that you should be aiming for.

4. Room Shocker

You will be convinced that your problem has been effectively solved when you try out room shocker. It has been named as the most effective odor eliminator in stores today.

This product attacks organic molecules emitted from third-hand smoke then oxidizes them hence successfully eliminating the gasses and odors emitted.

5. Febreze

This product is known to effectively get rid of strong odors for good as opposed to masking them. There is a wide variety of varying fragrances that you could choose from; apple delish, cranberry cheer, pumpkin bliss, spring, and renewal. However, if you only want a clean and fresh smell in your home, give Febreze original a try.

Sometimes living in your odor filled home will get you used to it. You cannot smell it, but any guest that walks right in your house will. Worst case scenario, your clothes, and stuff get that awful odor as well.