How To Remove Smoke Smell From Blankets

The best way to deal with a bad-smelling fabric is to wash it, but it isn’t the case with some non-washable items like blankets.

Here is how to remove smoke smell from the blanket.

smoke odor blanket

#1 Air dry

A smoky smell may accumulate in the folds on the blanket, especially if you smoke cigarettes in your home. Placing your blanket somewhere the air is circulating can help in naturally eliminating the odor.

Place a clothesline in a shady area outside your home and stretch your blanket entirely over it. The airflow will reduce some or most of the smoke particles. You may also spread your blanket in a well-ventilated room that is free from smoke.

Avoid placing your blankets in direct sun as it may cause fading of bright colors. Though this method is quite useful, it may take a few days to get rid of the odor completely.

#2 Dry clean

Dry cleaning is another great way to remove smoke odors from non-washable fabrics like blankets. You can try many home dry cleaning products that are readily available in a local home cleaning store or take professional help of a dry cleaner to clean it off thoroughly.

Woolite Makes a Dry Cleaner Sheet that you can use in your dryer.

Make sure you read fabric instructions before using commercial dry cleaning products and find the one that best suits it.

Also, wear gloves before you start, to avoid any contact of cleaning products with your skin.

#3 Use Odor Exterminator spray

You may easily make your blankets smell good by usingĀ odor exterminating sprays. Such products are specially designed and formulated to break down smoke molecules in a fast and effective way.

If you find your blanket stinking too often and dry cleaning is not possible, get a smoke removing fabric spray. These products are not only useful in removing smoke smell from cigarettes but also works well in eliminating house fire smoke smell.

You may also use such products to remove smoke odors from other fabrics like upholstery, curtains, and carpets in the fastest way possible. A fabric deodorizer or freshener can also remove odors almost instantly from the blankets as they cover up or suppress unwanted smell with a strong refreshing scent.

#4 Take Preventive Measures

Besides using the above methods to remove smoke smell from the blanket, it is essential to keep your room smoke free. Though the above ways will help you eliminate the odor from your blanket, it may not work if you continuously keep on adding the smell.

The best way to keep your blankets smelling fresh is to quit smoking, which can also be a good initiative towards better health, or use another room or bathroom for this purpose if stopping seems impossible. Keep your rooms well ventilated to prevent the accumulation of bad odors.