How to Remove Smoke Smell from Backpack

You can have an unwanted smoke smell in your backpack?

This smell can be very disturbing because it can affect other items inside your backpack. If you want to eliminate this smoke smell from your backpack, you want to keep reading this article now.

smoke smell back pack remove

1. Apply Rubbing Alcohol To The Inside Of Your Backpack

Rubbing alcohol is beneficial to help you neutralize bad odors from your backpack. It is recommended for you to mix an equal part of rubbing alcohol and water.

You can get rubbing alcohol just about anywhere, just be careful using it on some fabrics and decals.

2. Use Coffee Grounds

You can use coffee grounds for removing unwanted odors from any enclosed spaces like your backpack.

Don’t forget to cover all coffee grounds with a paper towel to prevent the coffee powder from messing around inside your backpack.

You can leave the coffee powder inside your backpack for about 3 – 4 days to eliminate the smoke smell from your backpack quickly.

The best part is after you do this, your backpack will smell like coffee instead of nasty smoke!

3. Smoke Smell Sprays

They make sprays just for smoke smells, in fact, I have a whole post on the best sprays for smoke smell here.

The best spray I’ve found is Ozium.

Ozium is no joke, it’s overly powerful which I’m guessing you want to hear!

One single spray of Ozium inside your backpack and one on the outside is all you need. You can find Ozium at many auto parts stores.

I don’t like having the sprays be the top thing I say to do because many of them are super strong and not everyone likes that especially if you’re sitting a classroom.


Removing smoke smell from your backpack should never have to be complicated and difficult for you.

When you follow these tips, you should be able to remove the smoke smell without causing any damages to your backpack.

Remember – if in doubt, test a small area before cleaning!