How to Remove Smoke Odor From Jeans

Smoke odor can penetrate just about anything, including jeans. It doesn’t matter if you have denim or cargo pants, smoke odor will find a way to stink them up.

After many failed attempts to remove the horrible smell, I’ve come up with some quick and easy solutions for removing smoke odors from jeans.

Don’t Do This!

I would like to first start with that vinegar does not work.

I don’t know where this idea of using vinegar to clean and remove smells came from, but it needs to stop. The only thing vinegar will do is just make your pants smell like, you guessed it, vinegar.

If you don’t know what vinegar smells like, then think musty sweet smell, almost like body odor.

First Things First

The first thing I would do is, of course, throw them in the washer. Sometimes the smoke smells from a campfire, or even light cigarette smoke smells can be washed out in a washing machine.

Rubbing Alcohol

You could also try rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer if the rubbing alcohol is not available. This solution is not the best but can be found in the house.

Deep Freeze

Most of the smells come from bacteria, and a smart way to kill the bacteria is to place the pants in the freezer. The bacteria will end up dying off along with some of the smells too.

The Only REAL Solution

A sure-fire way is to keep a bottle of ozium around. This stuff works! You can always try using rubbing alcohol or even an orange, but you need ozium. This stuff works much like an ozone generator to oxidize the smells away, leaving an odorless smell.

With all the hacks out there, I’ve found that merely using ozium like sprays work the best. Please don’t use vinegar; you’ve got to trust me on this.