How to Remove Smoke Odor from Fridge

A refrigerator is a must-have for any home or apartment. They can be pricey, but sometimes you get one for free, or you move into a place that already has one.

When this happens, it’s a big win, but what do you when your fridge smells like nasty cigarette smoke?

We got some simple tips to make your fridge smell a little bit better. We even have some ways that you might have never thought to do. These tips are also great for homebrew fridges you may have too.

Avoid This!

Everyone will default to saying use vinegar to clean up the smells.

I’m not a huge fan, but it is a natural solution to the problem.

Vinegar will kill the bacteria causing the smells but doesn’t solve the problem to the full extent. Plus, if you’re like me, you hate the smell of vinegar.

First Things First

You’ll need to clean the fridge top to bottom with a cleaner. I useĀ simple green, and that works fine, but any household cleaner will work.

You got clean the outside since it gets the most damage by the smoke odors.

Don’t forget to wipe down the sides and even the back of the unit. Be careful about where you spray and wipe, make sure you follow the cleaning instructions for your fridge. If you don’t have any documents, you can always google your fridge model number and the word “PDF” and find it that way.

Air It Out

You can always take the fridge out back and allow it to air out, but this could take a good bit of time. If you want an all-natural answer, this and vinegar will do. If you want results, then move on…

Super Effective But Little Harder

Do you know how they remove smoke smells from cars? They will use an ozone generator. The ozone generator will get into places that regular sprays can’t and neutralize the odors. You could buy or even call someone who has this if the smell is awful and see what they could do for you.

Or you could buy one of these outlets and place it near the fridge to help combat the smells. Kind of angle it toward the refrigerator to help with the smells. Ozone generators can get into places that cleaning it could not. Also note that ozone is not the best stuff to be near, always follow the directions on each unit carefully.