5 Steps to Clean Smoke Damaged Books

Unfortunately, books tend to absorb the odors around them. So if you’re in a fire or someone smokes you’ll find yourself needing to get rid of the smoke smell in your books.

We gathered a video and some more helpful tips that help to remove the smoke smell that gets trapped in your books.

Video about getting rid of smoke smell from books

You can use Gonzo Odor Eliminator to help with smoke smell odors. 

1- Use a Document cleaning pad

How to use a document cleaning pad? 

* A Document cleaning pad contains a special powder. When you rub the pad over the book, it absorbs the dirt and dust deposited over the book. 

* As you rub the pad containing powder, the dirt gets removed from the surface. You need to brush away the dirt after cleaning the surface.

How does the document cleaning pad become effective in removing the smoke smell?

It is not always the tobacco or pungent cooking odor that is responsible for the odor but also the dust. If you remove the dust with the help of the cleaning pad, the odor tends to go away.

2- Use any of the odor absorbing compounds

There is various odor absorbing compounds meant for absorbing smoke smells from your book. Here are the steps you need to follow to remove smoke odor from your book.

How to use odor-absorber to remove the smell?

* Arrange an airtight container where you can place books. 

* You can purchase any odor absorbers like charcoal bricks or clay kitty litter. 

* You need to keep both your book and any of the two items above in the airtight box for a good bit of time. 

Although this is a time-consuming process, this helps in removing filthy odor from your book.

3- Use potpourri to change the odor of your book

You have to apply quite the same method as above to get rid of the smoky smell in your books.

This process is pretty advantageous as it potpourri helps in giving your books a new smell within minimal time.

The problem is if the odor is strong enough you might end up with books that smell like smoke and potpourri. But it’s always worth a try.

4- Allow your books to breathe and get a sunbath

You can allow your books to breathe by hanging them on a clothesline.

You can also put your books on a railing.

If the place that you put your books gets sunlight, then it is quite useful for your book. This process not only gets rid of the smell but also, this process doesn’t cost you anything.

5- Seek a professional

If all else fails then you’ll need to seek a professional.

There are many people who are experts at restoring documents and papers. The tools available to us regular people don’t compare in their years of experience.