How Long Can You Run a Dehumidifier?

You can run a dehumidifier continuously for 24 hours if you want, but it may not be an ideal thing to do.

It won’t hurt to run the dehumidifier nonstop, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you do this.

Why You Should Not Run Your Dehumidifier All The Time

The biggest reason you don’t want to run your dehumidifier all the time comes down to cost.

A dehumidifier uses a good bit of electricity.

Running a dehumidifier all the time will, for sure, raise your electric bill.

Not only that, but many dehumidifiers have an off switch once they get to the correct humidity, but they still don’t fully shut off. The compressor turns off, which consumes the most power, but the fan and other items remain on and still use electricity.

How Long Should You Run A Dehumidifier?

Running your dehumidifier all the time is not needed unless you have extreme circumstances.

If you have water damage or flooding, then running a dehumidifier all the time is a must.

But if you don’t have any extreme circumstances, running the dehumidifier all the time is wasteful.

Running the dehumidifier for 8 to 10 hours a day is excellent for most people. You only need to get the relative humidity around 40% to 55%. Anything over 60% humidity allows mold to grow and can give your home the “wet socks” smell.

I find I can get to that humidity in under 4 hours, depending on the dehumidifier.

When To Run Your Dehumidifier?

I find running the dehumidifier right as I’m about to go to sleep to be ideal.

For many homes, the electricity rates go down at night, plus I sleep better having less moisture in the air. I also find I don’t wake up with a stuffy nose if I run the dehumidifier before bed.

Many dehumidifiers will have an auto-off setting. Mine goes up to 4 hours, which is perfect. After 4 hours, I find it takes a room from 70% humidity to 55% humidity, which is excellent.

The only thing you need to do is make sure to empty the bucket before every use. A dehumidifier can fill up quickly, especially if you have a lot of moisture in the air.

If Your Run Your Dehumidifier All The Time

I want to make a note that if you do run your dehumidifier all the time, you need to make sure to get one built to run all the time.

Yes, the cheaper dehumidifiers can run all the time, but they won’t last.

If you have a basement, they make dehumidifier just for them and to run all the time.

If you run it all the time, you also need to have the output water line hooked up so it can drain.

The dehumidifier needs to have plenty of space around it if you plan to run it all the time. They do run hot and can be loud if you buy one that is made to run all the time.

Is It Summer Time?

If you’re running the dehumidifier during the summer, you need to make sure your AC unit is fine.

The way a dehumidifier works and an AC unit works are very similar. An AC unit will help to remove the humidity from the room when it runs too.

But if your AC unit is too big, it will only run in short burst, which is not enough time to remove the moisture. You may need to get a smaller air conditioner unit so it can run more to help remove the moisture in the air.

Keep This In Mind!

Most dehumidifiers will have a readout telling you the current humidity of the room. I don’t trust those as they’re often way off.

You need to pick up a humidity gauge like this one here on Amazon to get a better idea of the humidity of the room.

Since my dehumidifier is way off, I like to set it to shut off when it gets to 45% humidity. Your home may vary, so you’ll need to play around with this.