Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Your Beard

The biggest problem with having the smell of cigarettes or any smoke smell is getting rid of it in your beard. Most facial hair is right there at your nose, so you always smell the smoke.

Yea, I know. Take a bath and wash your beard. But what about when you can’t take a shower?

We have come up with some ideas that will help to get rid of that nasty smoke smell from your beard. Shoot this stuff could also work for any nasty beard smells you may come into.

The First Thing

The first thing you should do is change your shirt. Depending on what you’re exposed to with smoke smell, most of the smell might be on the shirt.

Also, brush out the beard to make sure nothing fell into it. Even the slightest of dust could carry the odor and get trapped.

Look For

Look for some fabric softener or even better some dryer sheets. Just rub some dryer sheets onto your beard. The smell might be strong at first when using a dryer sheet, but it will be better than the smoke odors that are trapped in your beard.


Find yourself an orange, and start eating it. Be very messy with it.

If that’s not cool with you, then get some of the juices of the orange all over your fingers and rub it into your beard.

Chew gum or an overpowering breath mint will help to hide the smell of smoke on your breath and even your beard. Everyone likes the scent of mint!

If All Else Fails

If none of the other options work to get rid of the smell in your beard, then you got to take a shower. Or at least wash your face and beard over than sink. They make beard cleaners and beard shampoo’s that can help with smoke smells.