Dryer Smells Like Cigarette Smoke

What do you do when a dryer smells like a cigarette smoke?

You must first decide if the smell is coming from the fact that the dryer was own by smokers or if the dryer has lint that needs to be removed.

Lint can make a dryer smell like smoke

Every dryer has a link catcher, and most people don’t know that they have one. If you don’t empty the lint catcher, then a fire will happen soon, and the smoke smell could be because the dryer is burning the lint.

If your dryer takes forever to dry clothes, then the main culprit is the lint trap is full and must be replaced. Failing to clean the lint trap could result in a burning smoke smell and, even worse, a fire!

Smokers Used to Own the Dryer

If a smoker used to own the dryer, then you’ll need to do some serious cleaning. Here are some methods to keep your dryer from smelling like cigarette smoke.

  • Get a bath towel wet with 50% water and 50% vinegar and place it in the dryer. This may take several passes in the dryer before you notice any results.
  • Dip a Towel in Odoban and water and then place it in the dryer for a long cycle with dryer sheets. The Odoban works to eliminate smoke odors, and the dryer sheets will become active with the high temperatures to freshen up the dryer.
  • Pick up a Dryer Cleaning Kit to thoroughly clean all of the dryer’s vents and ports.


If you think your dryer odors smell like smoke, then make sure it’s not from the lint trap as this can cause fires. If the smells are from previous people who smoke, its best to try vinegar and water on a towel trick to see if it can eliminate the odors.

Also, don’t forget about trying Odoban as it makes for a great multipurpose cleaner. Last but not least, it’s always good to pick up a dryer cleaning kit so that you can make sure all ports are clean and safe.

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