Does an Apple Absorb Smoke Smell?

Using Apples can be a fast way to absorb the smoke smell in your car or other small spaces. Many people have apples lying around, so it can be a quick fix to cut open an apple and lay the slices in your car overnight.

Don’t let the smell of a cigarette stop you from enjoying your car when there exist simple, fast solutions.

The apple slices remove the terrible odor that lingers in your car or house. The apple absorbs the smoke smells when you cut it open. The reason for this is that the apple oxides and takes the lousy smoke smell with it. Oxidizing is how an Ozone Generator works to remove odors also. Ozone Generators can be expensive, but using apples eliminates the smoke smell also.

I bet you didn’t know that apples could remove the smoke smells that hung around your car or other small places in houses? 

The smoked smell that stays behind in cars can leave a horrible odor that many people don’t like smelling. One the best ways I’ve found to absorb the smoke smell in a car or house is to grab an apple, and how you remove the smoke smell from a car with an apple is very simple. Just take an apple and cut it into four pieces. Place those pieces in a bowl and let them sit in your car, and the next day removes them. The more apples you use, the faster the smoke smell will go away. Click here for some odor killing sprays that is more effective than using an apple. 

Using an apple is not the only way to get rid of smoke smells in your car or house. Using Activated Carbon likes this one from your local pet supply store will also work and sometimes works better than an apple. The best advantage of an apple to absorbs smoke smells is that they’re more convenient and cheaper.

You can also leave a bowl of vinegar in the car with the apple to help clean up and absorbs the air too.

I’ve found that cleaning the surfaces with vinegar and water will help reduce the cigarette smells even more. Don’t forget about cleaning the carpet and cleaning the headliner, too, as this holds the most odors that an apple can’t absorb.

Make sure you air out the car while using the apple slices so that you have double the opportunity to absorb smoke smells.