Do Lemons Remove Smoke Smell and Other Odors?

You might be surprised by the little lemon and its ability to clean. Lemons can work great for removing odors like cigarette smoke smells. The plus side of using lemons is that it leaves a pleasant scent behind compared to other options like apples.

Removing Smoke Smells with Lemons

The first thing you need to do is grab some good and ripe lemons. You’ll want to cut the lemons into 4 segments while being careful with a knife.

What I like to do is squeeze the lemon juice out into a bowl, a shallow bowl works best. Sometimes if the smell is horrible, I’ll mix in some white vinegar. Then I take the lemon skins and leave them out in the open.

The skins of the lemons will help to absorb the smoke smells into where the lemon juice was squeezed out.

If the smells from the cigarette smoke left a visible line of odor, you could also clean the area with the inner part of the skin. This part will leave a lemon scent behind while the rough side of the lemon internal will help to remove the stain that sits.

This method works well for smaller enclosed areas like a car. For houses and more significant areas, you’ll need something that can attack a more substantial area. Sure, you could use a lot of lemons and such, but the cost will soon be a factor when cheaper options exist for more significant areas.

Lemons For Other Smells

Lemons work great on other smells and other odors. The lemons work great for removing smells from small areas like the fridge, closet, pantry, microwave, dresser, and so on.

Just like how you remove smoke odors, you do the same for other odors. You carefully cut open a lemon into 4’s and squeeze out the juice. Add vinegar if the smell is horrible and leave the lemon skins, or lemon rinds out to absorb the smoke smell. Don’t place the lemon skins back into the juice; you want the empty pockets that are left behind from squeezing out the juice to fill with the odors now.

Remove Garbage Disposal Smells

You can even use a Lemon to remove the smells from the garbage disposal too. Carefully cut up some lemons and place them in the Garbage Disposal and turn it on once you’re free and clear of it. This will chop up the lemons, and the citrus smells will go to work to get rid of the bad odors from the garbage disposal.