Does Dehumidifier Purify Air? – What’s The Difference?

A dehumidifier and air purifier are two very different machines that can sometimes relate to each other.

But does a dehumidifier purify the air?

Sort of, but not really.

There are certain circumstances where you need to use a dehumidifier, air purifier, or even a humidifier.

When To Use A Dehumidifier

Before you get into this, you need to know how much humidity is in your air. You can get a humidity gauge just about anywhere, and it will be required to understand your needs fully.

If the humidity in your home is continuously over 50%, then your house would benefit from a dehumidifier.

But does the dehumidifier purify the air? Well, a dehumidifier will help to get rid of the moisture in the air, which leads to mold, mildew, and even dust build-up. If you suffer from these things, then yes, in some way, it can purify the air. 

But I still would not label it an air purifier.

When To Use An Air Purifier

An air purifier works by using a fan to force the air through filters. It’s best to use HEPA Filters, and we have posts that go into more detail about that here.

Where an air purifier shines is in removing allergens like pet dander/hair, dust, dust mites, and pollen. If you suffer from these things, then an air purifier would work well for you. An air purifier can not help you with the mold or mildew with a filter alone.

When To Use A Humidifier

A humidifier is for putting moisture in the air and for anyone whose home is under 50% humidity.

Usually, if you suffer from dry skin, bloody nose, and respiratory problems, a humidifier can help with this.

You see more people using humidifiers during the winter as the heater of your home dries the air out more. And people use the dehumidifier more in the summer, especially if you live in a humid climate.

What’s Ideal?

What is ideal is to get all 3. Each one has its purpose and used at different times of the year for many people.

I keep my air purifier going all the time and bring out the dehumidifier during the summer and the humidifier out during the winter.

Can A Dehumidifier Become A Air Purifier?

A dehumidifier can be made to be an air purifier, but they work better when they’re not. Many dehumidifiers do have a dust filter on them that needs to be cleaned or changed often.

You won’t find many dehumidifiers with a HEPA Filter or any strong filter on them as that blocks the amount of water that can pass through. And since the primary job of a dehumidifier is to remove as much moisture from the air as possible, that comes first.

What I Recommend

Since a humidifier doesn’t purifier the air and all 3 is ideal, what would I recommend getting?

For the dehumidifier, I recommend checking out the hOmeLabs 4 Gallon (30 Pint) Dehumidifier

For the air purifier, I recommend checking out the GermGuardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier

And for a humidifier, I recommend checking out the URPOWER Humidifier