Can Lemons Remove the Smell of Smoke From Sofa?

A little trick I learn one day after getting a used couch from a friend who smokes was that Lemons could be used to remove bad odors. This sofa was like no other; it fitted my style and felt so good to sit on. The only problem was that it smelled like cigarettes.

No one likes the smell of cigarettes smokes, especially when it’s on your new couch.

Through much testing and research, I found a simple little hack to clean things that smelled like smoke. Merely using the lemon juice will not work, I found something else about the lemon that works better.

You Need to Vacuum First

Get out the vacuum cleaner and start to vacuum the sofa. The first layer of the couch is where everything collects and also where all the smells come from. Most couches can remove the pillows and the liner so that you can wash them in the washing machines. Don’t forget to clean the decorative pillows too as they can hold some of the smoke smells in them as well.

Make the Lemon Mix

What you’ll need is some lemons, water, and something to mix everything like this.

Place four lemons and 1 cup of water into the mixer and blend until it’s nice and smooth.

Place all contents into a spray bottle and add water as need to keep contents smooth.

How to Use

With the spray bottle spray, the whole sofa down and scrub the smoke smell out. Don’t be afraid to get an abrasive brush. Don’t go too abrasive; you don’t want to hurt the sofa. Allow the sofa plenty of time to dry and air out. Place some apple slices on the couch to absorb any odors if the smell is horrible.

Why it Works

Lemon’s natural attack smells while leaving a pleasant smell behind. What works is that we blend the lemons whole. The skin of the lemons adds to the cleaning power and also the scrubbing power. The skin on the lemons is rough even when blended. What we do is try to remove the top layer of the sofa where the smells live. The Lemon Juices then go into the fabrics to further get rid of the smell.