Best Way to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in House

What can be worst than finding your perfect house and then being brought down by the horrible smoke smell that lingers in the home? Not much can beat the horrendous smell that cigarettes leave behind, but the good news is that we have found the best ways to get rid of the cigarette smoke odors.

1. The very first thing I do is replace all the air filters throughout the house since they’re the traps for the bad air and is often the best step to getting rid of smoke odors in your home.

2. Fresh air can maximize your power to freshen up the room from the bad smells. Go ahead and open some windows to allow the breeze to come in and help you out. Don’t be afraid to set up cups of vinegar around the house, even place some in a spray bottle for cleaning later. Make sure you keep the vinegar out of reach of kids and pets.

3. Go ahead and pick up an air purifier to help clean the air while you spend time cleaning the other objects in your house. Air Purifiers are not perfect, but they will help to get rid of the lousy cigarette smoke odors that your lovely new home has lingering in it.

4. Guess where most smoke odor lives? The walls and ceiling! Start to clean the walls and ceiling with vinegar. Make sure you’re careful not to drench the walls and ceiling in too much water, you want to remove the layer of smoke off of them.

You can pick up some odor-fighting paint if your the smoke smell is horrible.

5. Go rent a “rug doctor” or a similar product to deep clean your carpets. The carpet can hold the smoke smell deep in it, and using a rug doctor has got to be the best way to remove the scent. When the rug is dry, you can also place baking soda onto the carpet and let it sit overnight.In the morning, you can vacuum the baking soda up.

6. For hard surfaces such as hardwood floors and furniture, it’s best to get products that are made for wood. Simple Green will work great for cleaning most hard surfaces, best to use half simple green and half water. Don’t be afraid to grab a scrub brush and scrub the hard surfaces since the smoke odor leaves a layer on whatever it touches.

7. Takedown any drapes or blinds hanging on the walls. In most cases, the curtains can’t be re-used and must be thrown away, but if you must keep them, then wash them in the washing machine with vinegar. One cup of vinegar per full load in the washing machine will clean just about anything you throw at it.

8. Clean all windows and mirrors with vinegar mix or Windex. I prefer using vinegar since its a universal cleaner, and you probably have some after cleaning many of the other surfaces in your home.