4 Quick Ways To Get Rid Of Smoke Smells

4 Quick and Easy ways to get rid of that pesky Smoke Smells

Need a quick way to get rid of smoke smells from your clothes, car, or even yourself? Don’t get caught and don’t go around smelling like my buddy Chad either. These four quick and easy tips will get you smelling like a normal human being in no time.

1. Kill it with Vinegar

Not only does this stuff go great on sandwiches, but it can also destroy the cigarette smoke smells on contact. Get a Spray bottle with half water and half vinegar and spray down whatever you need to get rid of the smoke smell.

2. The Good Old Dryer Sheets

Rub down your clothes with the dryer sheets and if you can place the clothes in the dryer for 10 minutes to get the full effect. The dryer sheets are turned on by heat, so make sure you apply the friction when rubbing the dryer sheets on to your clothes.

3. Rub it Out with Rubbing Alcohol

Get some rubbing alcohol and start wiping down all areas of the clothing or skin to get rid of the smell fast. Rubbing Alcohol will begin to react to the tar and destroy it and gives a nice clean feeling once you’re done.

4. Freaking Ozium is the best

If you don’t have a can of Ozium, then you need a can now! This stuff works the best out off all four mentions, and you’ll be a fool for not having a can lying around. Ozium can get rid of any, and every smell is known to man.