26 Ways To Get rid of Smoke Smell In Your House

The smell of smoke can be one of the worst smells around. The problem is getting rid of it. It’s not easy, and quite frankly, there is not just one right answer.

We have compiled a list of ways to get rid of the smoke smell in your home. There is no one right way to do it, and everyone’s situation is different. So hopefully, you can find the correct answer in the vast solutions we list below.

get rid of smoke odors in house kitchen

Side tangent – You know what I’ve found interesting is that e-cigs are also creating odors, it’s not the same as cigarette smoke smell. With a lot of people going to e-cigarettes and blowing new smells out, that can cause new odors to come from the water vapor the machines produce.

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1. Simple Green

Simple Green has got to be one of my favorite cleaners. It cleans just about anything. I would avoid aluminum with it, though.

It’s best to add some water to the simple green mix to make it the most effective. I will clean any hard surface with it. Avoid cleaning the walls with it as it can discolor certain areas. But any hard surface that is not aluminum use this stuff, and it will remove the tar and odors from it.

2. Ozium

Ozium is one of those hard to find air cleaners. Ozium is the best at getting rid of the smoke smell that’s in the air of your house or rooms in your home. This stuff is just a miracle worker when it comes to bad odors like cigarettes and fire smoke smells.

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It works best in a well-ventilated room, have some fans going, and the air going in the house to have it get into the vents to clean the odor that lives there.

3. Ozone Generator

An Ozone Generator is the Brute Force Attack on bad odors. This is what the pros use, so it’s not a joke. It’s also the serious one concerning how to handle the machine properly.

Ozone is not safe to breathe in at-large quantities. So if you do use one, make sure you or your pets are NOT near it.

An Ozone Generator is a sure-fire way to get rid of smoke smell in your home or places like an office or a room. The way an ozone generator works it can get into places you can’t.

I want to repeat, don’t breathe what it puts out. It’s not suitable for you or your pets. After using it, make sure you air out the house or rooms. Also, make sure you read the instructions on the generator as each one is different and have different cautions. I thought I would never have to say this, but I have seen people do it, don’t smoke near this machine either!!! 

4. Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt is one of the best-kept secrets of getting rid of odors.

Think about it.

Epsom Salt is used for getting rid of foot odor, so the smoke odor is no problem for it.

Epsom Salt neutralizes odors, and the best part is that you can add water to it and make it a slight abrasive liquid for scrubbing some surfaces.

The Epsom Salt is useless until you add some water to it. The amount of water you add will determine how abrasive it will be.

If you have some solid objects that are ok to soak in water, then add some Epsom Salt to the water and let the object sit for a while in it.

Avoid metals as the Epsom Salt can corrode.

5. Pink Miracle Bottle

I just found out about this stuff a few months ago. Pink Miracle is the best cleaner for cleaning shoes, but it also works on other fabrics too!

So that smelly couch can be brought back to like new with this stuff. Pink Miracle will remove the tar that builds up from the sofa, which helps to remove the smoke smell. Most of the smoke smell in a house is mostly due to the furniture.

The great thing about this bottle is that it sometimes comes with a scrub brush, which is perfect for small and tight areas. If you have to do a big area, then you’ll need something more significant. It works well for your car’s upholstery too!

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6. Candles

I call this fighting fire with fire.

You can use certain candles to wipe out certain smoke smells from your house.

You can’t just use any candles. You don’t want to mask the odor. You need candles like these that fight odor such as cigarette smoke.

7. 409 Cleaner

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with some good old 409 Cleaner. Getting rid of smoke smells requires you to clean, and having the 409 around is critical. I like to use it in areas that you can’t use bleach and other hard chemicals on.

409 is my entry-level cleaner. Most odors and tars will get removed by it, but if 409 doesn’t, then its time to move on to something stronger like the Simple Green. Plus, this smells better than Vinegar.

8. Open The Windows

Yes, something so simple must be done. Opening the windows in your house won’t get rid of much of the smoke smell, but its a move in the right direction. Opening the windows is the first step and doesn’t require any money to do so.

The way some smokers live the windows haven’t been open in years, and you’ll need to clean around the windows, and the best way to clean them is to open them up to spot the dirty areas. I only say this because this is what I use to do. Live in a cave of my smoke smells.

9. Goop Hand Cleaner works on walls and gets stains out of clothing

Yes! A Freakin Hand Cleaner will get rid of smoke smells. It’s probably the most effective too!

Most smoke smells stick to fabrics and hard surfaces. Hand Cleaners like Goop is gentle and able to scrape the gunk off.

Yellow tar on something like a coffee table? Test out Goop hand cleaner to see how it can cut the yellow stain away. Does your dresser smell like cigars? Test out some Goop Hand Cleaner.

You can’t use the Goop Hand Cleaner on everything, its best to test a small area first to make sure you don’t damage anything.

Its an excellent product for getting rid of stains, even on clothing! Works well on getting the smoke smell stains on your hands too.

10. ZeP

You can buy professional-grade air cleaners like what Zep sells. It works very well, but I would use it for a focused area and not the whole room.

11. Odor Paint

Sometimes the only solution for a smelly room is to paint the walls. Not just any paint will do, you need a paint that will deodorize and block new smoke smells from coming back.

Let’s be honest here. You can scrub the walls all day if you want, but it won’t be as effective as painting the walls with odor blocking paint.

Odor Blocking Paint is mostly primer. It blocks the odors from the old paint, and then you paint over this primer any color you want.

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12. Wood Cleaner

Anything that is wood will absorb the smoke smell like a sponge. Sometimes painting it with the odor-blocking paint will not work as you love the wood look. The good news is that there is a good assortment of wood cleaners that work great for getting the tar off.

The kitchen cabinets are the most notorious for holding cigarette and other smoke odors. When using these wood cleaners, most of them require you to allow them to dry first before wiping them clean.

The Hardwood Floors will also attract smoke odors, and using a wood cleaner works perfectly for it too. I like to use Method Wood Cleaner, but any odor-blocking wood cleaner will do just fine.

Don’t forget to clean the wooden parts of your furniture with it too. Read the directions on how to clean and make sure to test it in a small place to make sure it doesn’t affect your wood. Don’t forget the legs of the sofa or coffee table; they hold odors too.

Check out Method Naturally Derived Wood for Good Daily Cleaner Spray Here.

13. Floor Cleaner

If you don’t have Hardwood Floors and have other non-carpet floorings, then you’ll need something else to clean your floors. Odoban, the people who make some of the best odor-fighting sprays, also have a floor cleaner.

Odoban Floor Cleaner works on Wood, Laminate, Vinyl, and Tile floors. But the stuff is heavily concentrated, so you need to add it to a spray bottle and then add some water. You must add water as with most cleaners because it’s useless until you add water. 

This stuff is powerful too! It fights odors like cigarette and smoke fires that leave a film of tar behind. It can have your floor smelling like new.

I only use the Odoban floor cleaner as my main floor cleaner now; you can’t beat the price you pay for the concentrate and how effective it is.

Not many people know this, but you can’t just use a regular mop to clean smelly floors. Some flooring is porous and has small holes that a mop will miss. You’ll need a good scrub brush to give it some elbow grease to get a floor like new. Not all floors need a brush, but it could be worth a shot.

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14. Febreze

You can’t beat the good old Febreze. Spray it on sofas and such to get the fabrics smelling better. The trick I do is that I always spray up in the air. Spray straight into the corners of the rooms as this is where most smoke smells get pushed to.

The corners of the room are like a trap or a place for all odors to fall into since they have nowhere else to go.

15. Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil is one of my lesser-known tricks for attacking odors. I can’t start to tell you all of what Lemon Oil does as the list is too huge. You can use this stuff just about anywhere.

The reason why I use it is that it kills smoke odors and also disinfects too. I wipe this on my countertops, bathroom, and even some types of furniture.

The best part is that the smell it leaves behind is lemon. I would read the instructions first before I try it on everything, but it is very significant with odors. You can read more about Lemon Oil here.

16. Vinegar

It’s like everywhere I go someone says you got to use vinegar to clean those tough stains. I hate vinegar. I only added to this list because it’s so popular.

There is a ton of way better all-natural products for cleaning that smells better than the nasty sweaty smell that vinegar has. For example, Lemon Oil is what I find to be better and smells a ton better too!

If you must use vinegar than white distilled will do. Avoid apple cider vinegar.

17. Baking Soda

Baking Soda is the other cleaning thing that everyone seems to flock to. It, on the other hand, is not so bad for cleaning. Baking soda is handy, especially if you have to scrub the odors away.

With just some water and baking soda, you can put a dent into the smoke smells and the tars it leaves behind on things like tables, trash cans, sinks, and so much more.

18. Bleach

I don’t think I need to explain bleach. Only use it on white items, or it will “bleach” it. Bleach is like the remove all for whites.

Works great to get rid of odors in the bathroom. A lot of people would smoke in the bathroom because they think the venting fan removes it.

The golden rule with bleach is that you don’t mix it with anything. Don’t care if you think this or that – you never mix bleach with any other chemicals. NEVER DO IT!

I’m so worried about bleach that I never buy just straight bleach. I instead buy sprayers that some chemical engineers have made.

19. Washing Machine Cleaner

I didn’t add this one in so that you can clean your house with washing machine cleaner, don’t do that. I added this one because people forget that the washing machine has been getting smoke odors grimed into them for years.

When you smoke, the smell gets onto your clothing. Then you wash the clothing, and that smoke smells go to the washing machine. After years the smells will start to radiate from the washing machine. You’ll need to clean the washing machine to get rid of all the smoke odors it’s collected.

You can buy washing machine cleaner packs that do the trick. It’s as simple as was washing clothes, but with no clothes in the machine.

The truth is that many smoker’s washing machines will need to be washed with the cleaners 2 or 3 times. Do it once a month for three months straight, and you’ll start to see results. Don’t do it every day or every week, this cleaner is powerful and could affect your clothing if you don’t follow the directions.

20. Clorox Wipes

You can get Clorox wipes just about anywhere. Just use them in white places, like in the bathroom. Very powerful attacking odors and cleaning specific areas of the house.

21. Carpet Cleaner Vacuums

If you don’t have a Carpet Cleaner, then you need to get one. You can rent a Rug Doctor, but it’s nice to have one lying around (very sound investment).

The Carpet Cleaners are needed as the carpet is the biggest piece of furniture you have in your house. As the biggest, it’s got the biggest smoke odor problem of them all.

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22. Windex

Glass cleaner is what you need for a general cleaner that works perfectly on windows. Most people already have some; it doesn’t have to be Windex; any glass cleaner will do.

You’ll be surprised by how much odor glass can trap, especially smoke odors. It also works great on certain hard surfaces too. The stuff dries quickly, too, which is what you want to look for in an excellent cleaner for cleaning smoke.

23. Odor Eliminators

Much like how the Ozone Generator works, Odor Foggers you set off and leave the room. The fog they release fills the room and goes places you might miss.

Odor Foggers are cheaper than most Ozone Generators, but they’re a one time use.

I like to use them to finish off a room. After I have gone through and cleaned everything, the last thing I do is an Odor Foggers to make sure.

24. Steam Cleaner

A Steam Cleaner is much like the Carpet Cleaner if you don’t have one. It’s best to get one. A steam cleaner is the only cleaner in this list that is safe on most things. It’s just hot water coming out of it and no chemicals.

This works perfectly for the person who hates chemical cleaners as the hot steam will clean very thoroughly. I use this on my hardest of spots and stains when cleaning my house of odors. I had an Ash Tray that I wanted to keep that belong to my Grandmother, and the Steam Cleaner worked perfectly for it.

I also used it to clean some office furniture for a friend. The steam cleaner was able to blast through the tiny cracks of the chairs and office desk like it was nothing. I highly recommend a Steam Cleaner.

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25. Woolite Dry Cleaner

You may have some clothing or fabrics like curtains that can’t be washed, but it’s safe to put in the dryer. Woolite has a Dry Cleaner Version that can help to get rid of smoke smells from the fabric.

The trick is to not add too many fabrics at once to the dryer with the Woolite Dryer Sheet as it will be less effective. Think Small Loads.

26. Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon works like Baking Soda but is more effective at absorbing odors from the air. You can find something like Activated Carbon in many expensive filters.

It’s best to have the Activated Carbon in a little bag like a coffee filter with a tie around it. Place it in places that stink, and it will absorb it right up.

Don’t sprinkle it as it will just make a mess. When you’re done with it, throw it away.

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